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Powerhouse Museum

Woman farewelling ship passengers [Eric Sheldon's band?]
Lockheed Hudson Bomber
Centennial Hall and Organ
Grace Bros Ball at Palais Royale Moore Park
Two women boxing
A small girl with her large dog

When I saw that there was a Powerhouse Museum commons on flikr, I instantly (and foolishly, I'll now admit) assumed that it was in some way related to Powerhouse Books. I went to build this post with a totally awesome story about how I worked under the guidance of a few people from Visionaire to help create a book of Time Square photographs from the 80s for Powerhouse as a Parsons class. Unfortunately, these two Powerhouses don't seem to be related. I was fooled by similar logos (although, to be fair, how many ways can you format a lowercase ph?). Still I enjoyed looking through their collection, and made some interesting finds.


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