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Arango House

1977 ... Arango House, Mexico
1973 - Arango House- Mexico
1973 - Arango House - John Lautner
That post about the Dwell/PST architecture contest has me looking up California modern designs again. I was particularly struck recently by these images of Arango House designed by John Lautner. Now, this house is actually in Acalpulco, Mexico, but the Frank Lloyd Wright trained architect is well know for some of his California designs and his style certainly carried over here.


Cat and Maus.


Summer vibes are coming fast. There is that spring scent on the wind that tickles ones memory and in an instant calls up flashes of lacksydasical days spent over past summers. Moments devoted entirely to whim, broken down with no structure, moving on pure instinct. These flashbacks often come oversaturated and washed out, that moment before your eyes fully readjust from the battery of a camera flash. This feeling is of course probably aided by the fact that many summer photos turn out the same way. It is as if the film was swimming in the same summer daze as the memories. These photos from Maus. are a glimpse into that haze.


DM Playlist 4.2 - 4.8

These are the song of the day selections from April 2nd to April 8th
B F R 16 (Ate) by Daisuke Tanabe

Biocritical by Satol

here, in heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix) by Elite Gymanstics

Limbo by Pazes

Sunlight by Dehousy

DumDum by Baauer

I'm so This Way by BE∆CHES

Modernism x LEGO

I haven't been shy in the past about showing my love for California architecture. I think we've also made our taste for modernism clear. With these interests, I couldn't resist going through the entries to the LEGO building contest that asked entrants to construct an original home design inspired by California mid-century modern architecture. Dwell and Pacific Standard Time teamed up to run the contest as if it didn't already sound enticing enough. There were quite a few entries that I enjoyed. Many caused some serious nostalgia, picking up on some of my favorite elements of L.A. architecture such as building into hills and of course the attention to natural interaction with constructed spaces. Below are a few of my favorite entries, the rest can be found here.




Pink and Black

Dress: Juicy Couture // Bottoms: Current/Elliott // Jacket & Shoes: Zara // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs //

It is starting to feel like Spring time in the city again, which always feels like a citywide attempt to work color into our otherwise colorless wardrobes. Since most of my wardrobe is black, if I am going to wear color I usually just pair it with black pieces. I am looking forward to summer where I can just wear dresses without pants or tights!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Here are some Easter inspired photos from Jordan's photography blog.


Candy Typography Casts Sweet Spells

Last night we were working on a project using gummy letters from Haribo. When we were finished we decided to make words with the piles of letters that were left over. This set of words came from a collage that I made. Jordan hung it on the wall ages ago and whenever I am in bed I like to look at it. I am not sure where I got them from but I think they are lovely in a dark way. As lame as it sounds, seeing the words spelled out with candy reminds me how important it is to speak sweetly to people.

Symmetry yrtemmyS

Symmetry is something that I've always loved to use for composition. I mean, supposedly its natural to be drawn towards symmetry, right? I thought it might be interesting to take some of the photos that I've shot and flip them to make symmetrical images. I think the results are kind of interesting, and it affords a new way to look at my photos. While in some the mirroring is quite obvious, in others, I chose more abstract images, so that the mirroring might be more subtle.

New Shoes

Top: Gap // Jeans: J Brand // Jacket & Shoes: Zara //

I am starting to feel like these shoes from Zara are the new Lita for the fashion blogging, outfit posting crowd. One has to assume that for a shoe to get Lita level popularity there must be a good reason behind it. I decided to get to the ‘sole’ of the situation by finally buying a pair myself.

The design of this shoe is minimal, contemporary, and interesting. For me, it is nearly perfect for a polite black heel. Despite how into these shoes I was before I bought them, I had my doubts about the function of the shoe that had prevented be from buying them sooner.

  1. I have never bought a pair of shoes from Zara before and therefore felt skeptical
  2. They look like they will give you blisters if you wear them for walking purposes
  3. Considering that I only buy shoes that I think I will be able to walk in for at least a mile and a half, I wasn't sure if these would be comfortable enough

Although they were comfortable, I did end up getting blisters (thankfully there was a drug store two blocks away when I decided that I needed bandaids). This could have partially been the result of me jumping around, which I guess isn’t something you shouldn’t be doing in heels anyways. If you are interested in getting a pair I would recommend them, for only $50 I cannot really complain.

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